Maybe the end of the competition road for Loki?

Thanks once again for all the votes for Loki in the America’s Favorite Pet contest! He advanced to the Top 15, then Top 10, and then Top 5, making it to 1st Place in his group even though we don’t know how many were in his group, where his group was geographically, how many groups there were, etc. etc.

When quarter finals started a few days ago, he plummeted to 16th, then went to 15th and then 14th, and then back to 16th so that tells us there are more hidden factors than we were aware of. It started out feeling very personal because we were told he was ‘hand-picked’ but as time goes on it feels more and more like a fund-raiser for PAWS and probably all the pet owners were told they were hand-picked which feels less personal for our guy.

It’s hard to ask for paid votes but unfortunately at this point it looks like the paid votes are counting more than the free ones. Quarter finals close this evening at 11 PM EST so if you’re so inclined, please continue to vote. We’re not sure whether Loki will advance any further and this may very well be the end of the competition road for us! <3

No matter the outcome of the competition, Loki will always be a winner with us! We love our rescued guy to the moon and back!

Author: Leslie

I'm definitely what one could consider a crafting junkie! I love making cards, 3-D projects (especially paper shoes, mini albums and gift bags), mixed media projects, altering items, as well as occasional beading and making jewelry! Fortunately, hubby is very supportive! Life is good! :D

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