Removing tar from jeans with ScraPerfect Best Cleaner Ever

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday! I’ve popped in this morning with a different kind of post – not a crafty post, but a useful product post. I’m delighted to be back on the ScraPerfect Blog today with some tips for removing tar from jeans. First order of business is to let you know that this post contains affiliate links. And yes, washed and dried tar CAN be removed from jeans using one amazing product!

My husband sat down on a 5-gallon bucket that he didn’t realize had fresh tar on the top of the lid which resulted in a gnarly tar stain on the seat of his pans. He said he didn’t care because they were work pants and work pants didn’t need to look clean, lol! So the pants got washed and dried at least three times before somebody teased him about it looking like he pooped in his pants. Then he decided that maybe “we” needed to see what we could do to get the tar out. I decided to use Best Cleaner Ever to see what it would do. I’ve been using Best Cleaner Ever for several years to clean gummy adhesive off my scissors in my studio so I was hopeful that it would work on the tar. This is what his pants looked like when I started.


First application of Best Cleaner Ever which I let sit for 15 minutes.


Second application which I let sit for 30 minutes. There’s already a noticeable difference!


Third application which I let sit for another 30 minutes.


I used an old Cricut scraper from my studio to scrape off the tar, applied a little more Best Cleaner Ever which I let sit for 45 minutes, and then I washed the pants.


Here are the pants just out of the washer, noticeably cleaner but there’s still a stain, so I applied more Best Cleaner Ever and let it sit for another 45 minutes. I used a scrub brush over the stained area and washed the pants a second time.


Here are the pants out of the washer a second time and while they are still more noticeably clean, there’s still a slight stain so I applied more Best Cleaner Ever and let it sit for another 45 minutes. I took the scrub brush to the stained area again and washed the pants a third time.


Now check this out – pants out of the washer the third (and final) time. No more tar and Ed is a happy camper! It took several hours and three washes, but the results are definitely worth it! Perseverance paid off! ;)


ScraPerfect products used:
Best Cleaner Ever

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found these tips to be helpful! Be sure to check out all the awesome ScraPerfect products, and be sure to follow the ScraPerfect Blog so you get all the inspiration, tips and tricks delivered right to your Inbox! Thanks so much for stopping by today – we’ll see you next time! ;)

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