How to easily clean your scissors!

Hi friends! Happy Saturday! I’ve popped in this morning with a different kind of post… not a crafty post, but a useful product post. I’m delighted to be back on the ScraPerfect Blog today with some tips for easily cleaning gooey adhesive off your scissors. First order of business is to let you know that this post contains affiliate links. And yes, that gooey adhesive and other sticky bits can easily be removed from your scissors using one amazing product!

When I’m crafting, it doesn’t take any time at all for my scissors to get gummy and gooey, so I keep several pairs of scissors handy in my studio for that very reason. I try to clean my scissors every other week or so, and have been using Best Cleaner Ever for a number of years. Here are my scissors before cleaning them this time, including a few close-up shots.


I laid them out on my craft mat and sprayed Best Cleaner Ever on both sides, and let it sit for a couple minutes.


Then I wiped each pair down with a clean paper towel and ‘voila, clean scissors!’ This really IS the best cleaner ever, and I use it for all kinds of cleaning projects at home!


My husband just recently put up a new front door on our house with enclosed blinds inside the large window. There were three stickers on the glass – two were vinyl cling stickers that came right off and the third one was a bugger and didn’t come off at all – so I got out the Best Cleaner Ever. Yep, you got it, clean window. ;)

ScraPerfect products used:
Best Cleaner Ever

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found these tips to be helpful! Be sure to check out all the awesome ScraPerfect products, and be sure to follow the ScraPerfect Blog so you get all the inspiration, tips and tricks delivered right to your Inbox! Thanks so much for stopping by today – we’ll see you next time! ;)

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