Cats, Cats and More Cats!

We Rescue

No cat (or any domesticated critter, for that matter) should be alone, starving, and indiscriminately breeding, and we’re doing the best we can in our little community to help. We take in homeless cats and kittens to feed them, love them, and provide medical care. Our current count is 20. We provide nutritious food, treats, clean litter boxes, toys, clean beds, and up-to-date shots. Most importantly, all of our rescues (except the youngest one we just took in) have been spayed or neutered.

Please Help If You Can

Please consider donating to our fundraiser: All donations are used for food, treats, litter, shots, and spaying and neutering. These are on-going expenses.

About Us

Ed and I have been rescuing felines for a number of years. When we started on this journey, Ed was self-employed and I worked full-time, so having two incomes was a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, Ed suffered a brain bleed several years ago and became disabled. He also has diabetes, cancer and MS, so I retired early to take care of him. In a nutshell, everything is getting more and more expensive, and our social security is being stretched to the limits. The waiting lists for free spay and neuter services in our area are so long that we have paid out of pocket for all but one of our rescues.

I have always called Ed “The Cat Whisperer” because there’s not a feline around that doesn’t develop some sort of relationship with him. The ferals are typically scared of me at first but he does what he does, and before long they are his friends and eventually they get less and less afraid of me. It’s pretty amazing!

As mentioned above, we have 20 felines – 12 inside and 8 more ferals/semi-ferals in the back yard – and we call them our kids (since our human kids are all grown with families of their own)! Ed has named all the kids, and has built a catio for the inside kids and a catio for the outside kids.

The Inside Kids

Poopie (the oldest of the crew, about 16)

Molly (mom to Jack and Walter)

Jack (our huge timid boy who loves to sleep under the blankey)

Tigger (our big striped boy who loves his belly rubbed)
Walter (our big black boy who loves to play laser)

Dusty (our very sweet and vocal fuzzy boy with the big fangs)

Loki (our pretty boy who thinks everyone who comes over is here to see him)

Spike (our fuzzy rough-and-tough boy who is really a mama’s boy)

Tater (our sweet boy who is very vocal and loves to play fetch)

Fogg (our long and lanky little blessing who survived kitty parvo)

Puff-Puff (used to be feral but after her accident 7/1/22, she’s very lovable and is now one of the insiders)

Missy (one of our newest rescues who came to us very young, sick and pregnant; her six babies didn’t survive)

RV (our newest rescue found with his head stuck in a gear under a motorhome across the street, saved by our neighbor and her daughter)

The Outside Kids

Spot (gorgeous boy with heterochromia – one blue and one gold eye :)

Mama (mom to Cream, Puff-Puff, Busy Britches and Booger Britches; loves to come in from outside and hang out with us)

Cream (pretty girl who sneaks in from outside every so often but doesn’t stay long)

Busy Britches (evasive but gorgeous tri-colored girl)

Booger Britches (VERY evasive but gorgeous tri-colored girl who looks a lot like Busy Britches)

Mustard (the sweetest boy ever who has become Ed’s shop cat)

Orange (pretty boy who came one day to hang out and never left)

In Memory

We recently had to have our boy, Milo, put to rest. All in the span of seven days, he went from being seemingly normal to his body shutting down. It was devastating, to say the least. He was such a good boy and didn’t deserve this. My heart is so broken. Milo’s crossing the Rainbow Bridge prompted me to create a Memorial section on this page to remember our fur babies who are no longer with us. I found images online and on Pinterest that I used to create laminated tags to put in our garden on wires with some pretty river rocks.

Fogg (L) & Stormie (R)

Thanks so much for stopping by and hopefully you won’t be a stranger! I’ll update this page with new rescues as they happen! We won’t turn anybody away! <3

Scrappy hugs,

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