2021 Cat Lovers Hop!

Hi everybody! That time is here… time for the 2021 Cat Lovers Hop at Her Peaceful Garden!

The Hop will go on October 25-30 and it’ll be my third year participating! Had a great time last year and the year before! Be sure you visit Her Peaceful Garden to read all the details and join in! If you’re a cat lover, you’ll have so much fun!

Let me side-track you for a moment to share my favorite pics of our feline tribe! My hubby and I have ten inside feline fur babies that we’re absolutely crazy about – Poopie, Molly, Walter, Jack, Tigger, Milo, Dusty, Loki, Spike and Tater! Indulge me for a moment while I share some pics, lol! I know, I’ve said it many times in the past… I’m like that little old granny who whips out the wallet and 3 feet of pictures unfolds! Bahahahaha!

Poopie (16-1/2), is the old lady who doesn’t like any of the other kitties… it’s a Manx thing! Ed got her when she was about four weeks old and she’s been by his side ever since!


Molly (7-1/2), is the mischief maker and little thief! She’s mama to Jack & Walter and I’m sure you’ll see the resemblance! Ed rescued her (along with two other females) from a job site, and when we took them to be spayed all three were pregnant, lol! We soon went from four kitties to 15! After weaning and getting them all spayed/neutered, most of the kittens were re-homed along with the other two mama kitties.


Jack (6), is our giant Blankie Bump… loves to sleep under the covers for most of the day, just like a teenager! He’s one of Molly’s boys and is a huge lovable lug!


Walter (6), is our Lil’ Panther… my sweet baby boy who loves to play laser! He’s Molly’s other son who gives finger kisses and gentle bites every now and then!


Tigger (6), is the boy who doesn’t like to be touched unless he’s laying down… and then he loves his belly rubbed! When you catch him in that mood, you better get your lovins while you can! He’s one of the kittens born to one of the other females rescued and re-homed.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is tigger2020.jpg

Milo & Dusty (both 4-1/2), are the teenagers who are constantly running through the house playing! Or eating… they are our treat mongers! We adopted them from our local shelter shortly after we moved out to Colorado from Florida. 


Loki (2-1/2) was about eight weeks old when he showed up under our neighbor’s carport in the freezing snow. He is Mr. Personality and there is never a dull moment in our house… he’s always into something! His name means ‘God of Mischief’ so it appears that his daddy named him very appropriately! ;)

Spike and Tater (14 months) are very animated… it’s like having toddlers in the house again! They constantly play and chase each other! They are a riot and so much fun! It’s amazing how much they look like Dusty and Milo! ;)

Fogg and Stormie just arrived this morning, brought to us by a cashier at our local grocery store – somebody dropped them off on her porch and of course hubby couldn’t say no. Update: Unbeknownst to us, these two babies had kitty parvo and we lost Stormie. Fogg pulled through and is doing well. <3

Hubby and I are definitely considered ‘crazy cat people!’ One not listed above is Mocha Latte who re-homed herself last year when we moved four blocks. She wanted to be back down the street with her BFF, Keech, so Keech’s owners said they would take her. We also have seven outdoor kitties – Spot, Mama, Creamsicle, Puffy, Khaki, Levi and Flutterby.

Hope to see you at the hop!

Scrappy hugs,

Author: Leslie

I'm definitely what one could consider a crafting junkie! I love making cards, 3-D projects (especially paper shoes, mini albums and gift bags), mixed media projects, altering items, as well as occasional beading and making jewelry! Fortunately, hubby is very supportive! Life is good! :D

4 thoughts on “2021 Cat Lovers Hop!”

  1. I love all the pics. Such beautiful kitties. I have three indoors and one of my first thought was “Oh my God, I can’t imagine what cleaning the litter boxes is like!”

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