Don’t buy Brother products!

Hey everybody! Happy Thursday to you! I’ve popped in this morning strictly to rant. Remember the ‘awesome’ Brother Scan N Cut SDX125e that I raved and raved about earlier this year and recommended to everybody?! Well, I rescind any and all recommendations I previously made! Don’t buy it! In fact, don’t buy any Brother products because they don’t care about their customers.

The touch screen stopped working this morning on my machine so I went to the website and did all the troubleshooting steps recommended, which didn’t help. I spent the next hour with Brother customer service who was absolutely no help at all. No one in customer service knows anything about warranties for any of the gazillion kinds of machines Brother sells; they don’t do warranty work so they’re not required to know anything about warranties.

So I was referred to a quilting store 3-1/2 hours away which is an authorized Brother service center. I’ve had this machine for less than a year and now I’m faced with having to spend 14 hours on the road… a 7-hour roundtrip to deliver the machine to be repaired and another 7-hour roundtrip to pick it up after the repair is made. I just called the quilting store to ask if the malfunctioning touchscreen is a warranty issue since it’s internal, and the repairman won’t be on-site until later today, so the lady who answered the phone couldn’t tell me anything. Now I wait to hear back from him so I can make a determination whether the cost of the repair (if it’s not under warranty) is worth spending 14 hours on the road (with the price of gas) versus what I paid for the machine.

This is a pretty major flaw considering the price of the SDX125e. PLUS I’ve had the machine for a mere ten months. PLUS Brother customer service representatives have absolutely no knowledge of warranties on all the kinds of the machines they sell. PLUS Brother customer service basically just passed the buck without offering any help. In my opinion, the very least they could have done was (1) find out whether the repair would be covered under warranty and (2) offer to pay postage to ship the machine to the quilting store 3-1/2 hours away. Am I being unreasonable?

Okay, rant over. Y’all have a good day! :D

Scrappy hugs,

Author: Leslie

I'm definitely what one could consider a crafting junkie! I love making cards, 3-D projects (especially paper shoes, mini albums and gift bags), mixed media projects, altering items, as well as occasional beading and making jewelry! Fortunately, hubby is very supportive! Life is good! :D

5 thoughts on “Don’t buy Brother products!”

  1. OH! My goodness, that’s awful Leslie. I agree the service should be better and the fact no one knows about the fault or warranty? I should think delivering the machine to the repair centre would be cheaper than driving. Shouldn’t say so, but, glad I got my Cameo with excellent service from the USA and UK.

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