2019 Cat Lovers Hop!

Hello, crafty friends! I’ve popped in today to share some info on a blog hop for fellow cat lovers coming up October 21st through 26th! The 2019 Cat Lovers Hop will be the fifth one hosted by my new-found friend and fellow crazy cat person, Janis!

My hubby and I have eight feline fur babies that we’re absolutely crazy about – Poopie, Molly, Walter, Jack, Tigger, Milo, Dusty, and Mocha Latte! Indulge me for a moment while I share some pics, lol! I know, I’m like that old granny who whips out the wallet and three feet of pictures unfolds! Bahahahaha! And I have to tell you that these photos are my favs and they are not real current…

Poopie (14-1/2), is the old lady who doesn’t like any of the other kitties… it’s a Manx thing! Ed got her when she was about four weeks old and she’s been by his side ever since!


Molly (5), is the mischief maker and little thief! She’s mama to Jack & Walter… can you see the resemblance?! Ed rescued her (along with two other females) from a job site, and when we took them to be spayed all three were pregnant, lol! We soon went from four kitties to 15! After weaning and getting them all spayed/neutered, most of the kittens were re-homed along with the other two mama kitties.


Jack (4), is our giant Blankie Bump… loves to sleep under the covers for most of the day, just like a teenager! He’s one of Molly’s boys and is a huge lovable lug!


Walter (4), is our Lil’ Panther… my sweet baby boy who loves to play laser! He’s Molly’s other son who gives finger kisses and gentle bites every now and then!


Tigger (4), is the boy who doesn’t like to be touched unless he’s laying down… and then he loves his belly rubbed! When you catch him in that mood, you better get your lovins while you can! He’s one of the kittens born to one of the other females rescued and re-homed.


Milo & Dusty (both 2-1/2), are the kids who are always into something… these guys are like having real human kids in the house again! We adopted them from our local shelter shortly after we moved out to Colorado from Florida. 


Mocha Latte (1-1/2), is Mookie as her daddy affectionately calls her, and the most beautiful colors ever. Ed’s niece moved into a home last year and this tiny little girl had been left behind by the former renter. So the niece called Ed and *poof* we had a new baby! ;)


UPDATE: As of Monday, October 28th, we have a new baby in the house! This baby makes nine! Our 85-year-old neighbor called my husband Monday morning and said she heard a noise out under her carport and when she opened the door, this tiny guy was out there in the 19-degree snowy weather with his little eyes matted shut. We took him to the vet immediately and he weighed in at 1.1 lbs. He was de-wormed and started on an antibiotic and eye ointment. Here we are, five days later and he is full of spit and vinegar, and loves to play and eat! Meet Loki…

Loki 10-29-19 2

Okay, okay… back to the hop! Janis has been super busy lining up tons of prizes, so be sure to check out 2019 Cat Lovers Hop to find out all the details! Hope to see you there!

Scrappy hugs,

Author: Leslie

I'm definitely what one could consider a crafting junkie! I love making cards, 3-D projects (especially paper shoes, mini albums and gift bags), mixed media projects, altering items, as well as occasional beading and making jewelry! Fortunately, hubby is very supportive! Life is good! :D

3 thoughts on “2019 Cat Lovers Hop!”

  1. Leslie…..what a lovely post! THANK YOU for helping spread the word. It’s going to be a fabulously fun and feline-filled week!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


  2. Your cats are beautiful, it was so nice to see them all. Although it was terrible at being left, Mocha Latte was very lucky to find a home with you.


  3. This post was auto-shared by wp (so you know how I got here).

    I’m a Fanatic Feline Femme, currently caring for 4.75* cats (.5 is the psycho bitey male that I got fixed and let inside to eat but not to stay; .25 is an anerable b/w female who visits infrequently and screeeeaaaams for food then eats faster than any cat I’ve seen before… they both have other caretakers too). My high point was 8 cats.
    When I was a kid, I had multiple grey tabbies, all named Tigger! 20 yrs ago I had a floofy solid black male named Mocha. His smaller sister was Espressa. I was a bad cat parent then, didn’t get them fixed, and the had 3 babies… a solid grey, a solid black, and one that looked just like your Mocha!!

    So… hello!


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