My Projects For Sale

*Everything I create is for sale!*

If you see something here you just can’t live without, contact me using the form below and we can definitely work something out. Please provide either the links or the names of the items you’re interested in. Links are preferred since the names may have been used more than once.

I generally only have one of any given item and if I’ve already sold what you’re interested in, I will happily duplicate it – or recreate it with different colors/patterns if you’d like.

Large custom orders require 50% payment up front and the other 50% payment upon completion. For each step of the process, I’ll send photos for your approval before proceeding.

FREE SHIPPING on all cards:
~ Buy 1-5 cards @ $8.00 each
~ Buy 6-10 @ $7.00 each
~ Buy 11-29 @ $6.00 each
~ Wholesale orders of 30 or more @ $5.00 each

Flat rate shipping on all other items:
~ Ask for prices on 3-D items, tags, mini albums, gift bags and home decor – I’ll give you a good deal! ;)

I’ll hold orders for three days awaiting payment; if payment is not made within the three-day time period, the order will be canceled.

Postal rates are high. I will ship in the USA as economically as possible using priority mail with package tracking. I’m not responsible for damaged, lost or misdirected packages. I’m not shipping internationally due to even higher postal rates and delayed transit times… apology to my international friends!

I take Zelle or money order for payment. If your bank offers Zelle as a method of payment, you will find it on your mobile banking app. If your bank does not offer Zelle, then your other option is sending a money order and your items will ship once payment clears. I do not use PayPal or Venmo.

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